Entrepreneurship Networking

Even if you’re a solopreneur, you're never alone with Brio Members and Experts by your side!

Expand Your Network
Unleash Your Business

In most businesses, the founder/owner is one of the biggest constraints. Why? Because as owners we get so focused on our plan that we miss the opportunities right in front of us. Brio’s entrepreneurship networking community invites you to look beyond what you already know … which is where growth always happens!

Who is in your network?

Friends, family & work colleagues are great … but in transitioning to your new role as a business owner, are you surrounding yourself with other business owners?

The kinds of conversations you’re in will give you your results, which is why joining a powerful entrepreneurship networking community gives you instant access to immediate and unprecedented results.


Entrepreneur Accelerator Group

Many entrepreneurs report that starting a business is a lonely experience. Not at Brio! Brio Essential and Unlimited Members join a group so you’re connected immediately to others who are dealing with the same ups and downs you are! Brio’s entrepreneurship networking community gets personalized in our small groups, so everyone has an opportunity to be connected. With Brio, small business networking is actually fun!


Facilitated Round Tables

Bring your most difficult business challenges … the ones you’re sure have no good solution. Bring them to a roundtable discussion facilitated by a Brio Expert. Everyone who participates in the conversation will walk away with powerful insights about their own circumstances and new actions to take that will impact their own business. This is entrepreneurship networking community at its finest.


Community Chat

Post a question to the entrepreneurship networking community, and you’ll be amazed at the answers and varied perspectives you receive from other business owners. You’ll be saying, “I’m so glad I asked – I never would have thought of that!” That’s the power of crowd sourcing ideas with people who share your commitment to success. Only Brio harnesses the power of small business networking to achieve your ultimate goal: successfully launching and growing the profitability of your business.

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We Are Creatures Of Habit

Unfortunately, our habits aren’t always the best ones! Most business owners don’t have built-in structures to examine which help adjust our habits to improve our own performance. Business owners who participate in an entrepreneurship networking community excel by learning from the habits of success from other business owners.

Join our community and expand your network!