Bookkeeping Made Easy

Almost every business we walk into at the beginning of a consulting agreement is a bookkeeping nightmare. There are receipts and invoices everywhere, uncollected debts the owner had forgotten about, and vendors asking for their 1099s. No business owner ever intends it to look this way … they get busy taking care of customers, and it just sort of happens. While the transition from messy to organized is mind-blowingly astonishing, what’s even more astonishing is how easy it is to avoid this mess if you set up a smart system at the outset.

In this course, you’ll implement for yourself the structures and processes we provide in businesses that turn them into a finely tuned machine. You’ll be able to track every dollar that flows in and out of your business. You’ll create processes that are simple for anyone to follow and ensures that nothing is left out and no money can go missing. And finally, you’ll create checklists and scheduled tasks to eliminate surprises and give you peace of mind.

Note: while our courses are designed to stand-alone, most members derive maximum benefit by taking the Accounting Made Painless course before taking this one.

Course Instructor