Bookkeeping Made Easy


Bookkeeping Made Easy

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How would you classify your current bookkeeping system? Messy, out of control, basic, nonexistent?

The good news is that Brio is a judgment free zone and there’s always room for improvement! So, no matter how robust your bookkeeping system is (or isn’t), this course will help you create, refine, or enhance your structures.

We know you would rather spend your time taking care of customers and launching new offers. Once you set up your smart bookkeeping system, you’ll have more time for the work you want to be doing – without the worry about your accounting hanging over your head in the background.

Amber Landry-Miller

Course Length:
11 Videos (1 hour, 14 mins total)

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Meet the Brio Expert

Amber Landry-Miller

Operations Plus, LLC

Amber Landry-Miller’s success in the corporate world in operational management, account management, sales, and invoicing dispute resolution is a result of her passion for having everybody win. She now leverages that experience for her bookkeeping operations management clients.

Working with Amber has totally changed my business for the better. Before, I felt overwhelmed and not sure what to do or where to start.

She had clear, simple answers to all my questions and actions that were easy to carry out. I now feel comfortable and confident getting on QuickBooks on my own and managing my everyday financial tasks.

About this Course

Almost every business we walk into at the beginning of a consulting agreement is a bookkeeping nightmare. There are receipts and invoices everywhere, uncollected debts the owner had forgotten about, and vendors asking for their 1099s.

No business owner ever intends it to look this way … it just sort of happens while they are busy taking care of customers. What’s astonishing is how easy it is to avoid this mess if a system-that-works-for-you is set up at the beginning.

In this course, you will implement the structures and processes we use to turn businesses into finely tuned machines. And you’ll easily be able to track every dollar that flows in and out of your business. 

You’ll also create processes that are simple for anyone to follow, which ensure that nothing is left out and money never goes missing. And finally, you’ll create checklists and scheduled tasks to eliminate surprises and give you peace of mind.

Note: While our courses are designed to be stand-alone, most members derive maximum benefit from completing the Accounting Made Painless course before Bookkeeping Made Easy.

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This Course Includes


11 Modules:

1. Introduction
(2:59 mins)
2. Capital Contributions & Distributions
(6:47 mins)
3. Recording Revenue
(7:00 mins)
4. Accrual Accounting Only
(3:26 mins)
5. Inventory & COGS
(4:08 mins)
6. Recording Expenses
(7:09 mins)
7. Handling Cash
(9:02 mins)
8. Employee Spending Procedures
(8:09 mins)
9. Issuing 1099s
(7:12 mins)
10. Monthly Tasks
(9:56 mins)
11. Hiring a Bookkeeper
(9:00 mins)

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Total Confidence Guarantee

We understand that investing in yourself and your business can feel risky. We also know that your business, and your future, deserve the best support and guidance possible.

We believe that Brio is that best place and we are so certain of the results we produce, that we offer you a risk-free start with our Total Confidence Guarantee:

1.   The first three modules of every course are free, so you can try before you buy.

2.  No contracts. No obligation. Cancel anytime.

3.   There is ZERO Risk with our 90-Day Membership 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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