Business Strategy & Ownership Structure Courses

The #1 reason for business failure is lack of strategic planning.

Even if you think you’ve checked all the boxes, 

there are still hidden gaps that can jeopardize everything.

We exist to help you identify what you don’t know is missing, so your business is protected.

Are you ready to protect your business & launch your profits to the next level?

Choose any course below,

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Business Strategy &
Ownership Structure Courses

Success Starts with a Business Plan

Think a business plan is a waste of time or difficult to create?

Actually, a well-crafted plan prepares you for surprises, increases profitability, and can be used to attract investors.

The Creating a Business Plan course makes creating your business plan painless!

(Creating a Business Plan course: 10 videos, 1 hr 19 mins)

Thrive with the Right Entity Type

Did you know that choosing the wrong entity type for your business has BIG consequences?

Utilizing the right structures maximizes profitability, minimize risk, impacts how much you can pay yourself, and allows for unrestricted growth.

The Business Structure & Entity Formation course makes it easy for you to choose the best structures & entity!

(Business Structure & Entity Formation course: 8 videos, 1 hr 40 mins)

Winning Formula for Innovative Entrepreneurs

Are you bringing a new idea or product to market?

Blazing a new trail is full of twists and turns. It helps to have an experienced guide to take you from dream to reality.

The Entrepreneur’s Roadmap course helps you build a strong foundation and avoid strategic fatal errors!

(Entrepreneur’s Roadmap course: 11 videos, 1 hr 45 mins)

Franchise Ownership = Proven Success Model

Interested in owning a business, but looking for a turnkey solution?

Get the benefits of business ownership without having to go it alone. Avoid the pitfalls and enter with eyes wide open.

The Franchise Ownership course helps you decide if a franchise is for you and gives you the steps to get started!

(Franchise Ownership course: 7 videos, 1 hr 11 mins)

Make an Impact with a Non-Profit

Is your business idea better off as a non-profit?

Discover the benefits and challenges of being a non-profit before investing your time, heart and energy.

The Non-Profit course pulls back the curtain on what it takes to be a successful non-profit!

(Non-Profit course: 8 videos, 1 hr 35 mins)

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