Success Starts with a Business Plan


Creating a Business Plan

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Is a business plan required to start a business? Nope. Which is why so many businesses start without one.

That’s because a business plan not only sounds intimidating and overwhelming, it also seems unnecessary. It feels easier to avoid it rather than figure out where to start, what to include, and how long it will take to put together.

Unfortunately, avoiding this step and launching without a plan is one of the main reasons 75% of new businesses fail in the first three years.

Fortunately, this course was designed to help you create a business plan painlessly! And when it’s complete, your plan will help you prepare for surprises and increase profitability!

Raksha Joshi

Course Length:
10 Videos (1 hour 19 mins total)

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Meet the Brio Expert

Raksha Joshi

RJ Consulting LLC

Raksha Joshi’s mission is to help people navigate the rough waters in business and life because she is committed that “every person on this planet lives in freedom, love, and abundance.”

Raksha is a joy to work with because she puts the people ahead of the project. She brings out the best in everyone she works with, and impressed me with her attention to detail to make sure no aspect of the prospect was missed.

Every time I worked with her, I walked away at the end feeling like we accomplished something that will have a lasting impact.

About this Course

Many people dream of starting a business but stop short of writing it down because they think a business plan is hard, boring, and/or a waste of time. 

Unfortunately, launching into business without a plan is a recipe for disaster and one of the main reasons why so many businesses fail in the first three years. You will set yourself apart AND secure your future as a successful business owner by creating and implementing a well-designed business plan.

This course provides a step-by-step guide, including a workbook, for creating your business plan. You will start by creating a business canvas, which is a high-level outline of your business idea. 

You’ll then develop your thinking and add the necessary details to expand your idea into a plan you can implement! At the conclusion of the course, you’ll have completed your written business plan, and you’ll be able to share it with mentors who can assist you in achieving your goals. 

They will be impressed by your business savvy as communicated in your plan, leading them to want to contribute to you even more!

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This Course Includes


10 Modules:

1. Introduction
(3:25 mins)
2. Business Canvas
(8:53 mins)
3. Company Description
(8:33 mins)
4. Products & Services
(8:13 mins)
5. Marketing Plan
(13:00 mins)
6. Operational Plan
(9:08 mins)
7. Management & Optimization
(6:27 mins)
8. Start Up Expenses
(4:25 mins)
9. Financial Plan
(10:13 mins)
10. Executive Summary
(7:25 mins)

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