Human Resources Courses

Managing people can be a nightmare, but it doesn't have to be!

You can only go so far on your own.  What if you had the tools to find incredible employees, keep them engaged and happy, and empower them to drive the success of your business? We have the courses to help you overcome the expensive and time-consuming challenges of building your team and build a foundation you can rely on over and over.

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Human Resources Courses

HR Without Headaches

Have you heard horror stories about managing employees?

There’s a lot of benefits of expanding your team, but unless you know what you’re doing, you’re putting everything at risk.

The HR Strategies course gives you the HR essentials you need to stay out of hot water!

(HR Strategies course: 10 videos, 1 hr 17 mins)

Attracting Superstars

Would you like to have a dream team?

Your people are your most valuable asset – so it’s critical to learn the science of identifying and hiring high performers.

The Talent Acquisition course give you the tools to find and retain A+ players!

(Talent Acquisition course: 10 videos, 1 hr 33 mins)

Setting Up People to Win

Did you know the first 90 days is the most crucial time for an employee?

You may think that once a new hire says “yes” to your offer, the deal is done. Actually, they’re still sizing you up during their first three months.

The Onboarding New Employees course gives you an onboarding process that creates productive and loyal employees!

(Onboarding New Employees course: 9 videos, 53 mins)

Call the Doctor, You're Covered

Are you worried you can't afford to provide medical benefits?

This course demystifies the world of medical insurance and enables you to attract and retain great employees.

The Medical Insurance for Business course helps you get the best bang for your (medical insurance) buck!

(Medical Insurance for Business course: 8 videos, 38 mins)

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