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Medical Insurance for Business

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Getting insurance feels complicated when you’re just dealing with yourself. But what happens when you bring employees into the mix?

Overwhelm, doubt, many (many) questions, and uncertainty about where to start and concerns about affordability create a perfect storm for procrastination and frustration.

This course was designed to deliver you clarity, understanding, and confidence amidst the complicated world of health benefits … whether you are a solopreneur or looking to take care of your team.

Nichelle Jones

Course Length:
8 Videos (38 mins total)

Human Resources
Legal, Insurance & Compliance

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Meet the Brio Expert

Nichelle Jones

Owner & Managing Broker
Jones Health and Benefits

Nichelle Jones founded her agency out of a commitment to help other small business owners navigate the special challenges they encounter when searching for affordable health insurance benefits for themselves and their employees. With an eye on future insurance needs, Nichelle is always focused on keeping her clients and their employees taken care of. 

We are a company of around 10 employees in the US (Atlanta) and have worked with Nichelle for several years now. Nichelle is reliable, knowledgeable, flexible and always quick in her help. From my experience I can 100% recommend her services.

About this Course

Many first-time entrepreneurs express concern about leaving the security offered by employer-provided medical benefits. Other business owners express frustration at the confusing array of options and compliance requirements inherent in the benefits world. 

If either describes your experience, take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Even more so, take comfort in knowing that this course is just for you.

In this course you will gain an understanding of the options available to you as a small business owner, whether you are a solopreneur or looking to take care of your team. You’ll be able to implement a health benefits plan that meets your needs, makes you an attractive employer, and works within your budget.

And you’ll be primed to evaluate and fine-tune the plans that brokers bring you … with confidence!

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This Course Includes


8 Modules:

1. Introduction
(2:40 mins)
2. Benefits to the Business Owner
(6:53 mins)
3. Types of Medical Insurance
(7:44 mins)
4. Costs of Medical Insurance
(3:33 mins)
5. Health Funding Arrangements
(3:54 mins)
6. Supplemental Coverage
(4:11 mins)
7. Supporting Your Employees
(3:53 mins)
8. Getting the Most Out of Your Broker
5:27 mins)

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