Frequently Asked Questions

Membership & Subscription

We promise to help you produce incredible results as an entrepreneur. If you are not completely satisfied with any aspect of your first month’s membership, simply contact us to cancel your membership and receive a 100% refund of your first month’s subscription. No jumping through hoops, no paperwork. 

No matter how long you’ve been a member, if one of our courses didn’t meet your expectations, contact us and we’ll make it right. We appreciate your participation and value your feedback.

Yes, the 30-day money back guarantee applies to the Unlimited Lifetime Membership. If you have enrolled in more than 2 courses, your refund will be prorated according to the number of courses into which you have registered.

Absolutely. Any unused credits roll over each month and never expire. We don't like sneaky tricks any more than you do!

To upgrade or downgrade your membership, simply cancel your existing subscription and purchase the subscription level you desire. The courses already in your library will remain accessible after you change membership plans.

No way. Stay as long as Brio is useful for you! That gives us an incentive to provide the best experience and keep you coming back for more.

First off, we'll miss you! And, if there's something that isn't working about your membership, we'd appreciate the opportunity to discuss it with you. We'll do everything we can to rectify the issue.

That said, we're not like the cable companies that make it hard to leave. Sometimes it's time to move on in life, and we get it.

To cancel: go to Account, click on Subscriptions, and click the Cancel button.


Your courses remain in your library forever! They are even available to view if a subscription is cancelled. Review the course as many times as you like without using additional credits.

We believe that knowledge is meaningless if it's not put to good use. Very simply, we get you in action building your business. In each video, the Brio Expert shows you what steps you need to take to build that aspect of your business. Complete the Action Steps at the end of each video and come back to the next where we'll build on what you've started.

It's kind of like a Lego instruction book for entrepreneurs! By the end of each course, you will have completed an important aspect of your business!

1 credit. That's it!

Need help getting started? Watch our How to Enroll in a Course video tutorial.

We're glad you're on fire and building your business faster than you imagined! If you're ready for a new course before your subscription renews, you can either upgrade your membership or renew your membership early.

Renewing your membership early is a one-time thing and does not reset your subscription renewal date.

We're happy you asked! We created a How to Enroll in a Course video tutorial to help our Brio Members get started.

Coaching, Consulting & Networking

If you have questions about building or growing an area of your business, Brio Experts are available for coaching sessions. Our goal is to get you in action so you can produce the results you set out to achieve in creating this business.

Go to Coaching, select the Expert, purchase your coaching session, and then schedule yourself on their calendar.

Make the most of the time with your Expert by coming highly prepared and organized. Anticipate the things your Expert would need to be able to assist you and have them at your fingertips.

Absolutely! Brio Members with an active subscription can contact any Expert through their Expert's Profile to explore a possible consulting arrangement. Scroll down to the "Reach out to Expert" button and complete the short form. The Expert will contact you directly to discuss your business needs. 

Brio Members negotiate the terms of their arrangement directly with the Expert and payment is made to the Expert as scheduled in your statement of work.

Facilitated Roundtables are organized around a specific business area. Members are encouraged to bring their business issues to the Roundtable discussion. The Expert leading the discussion will select one or two Members to present their business case to the group, and the Expert will facilitate everyone's participation in addressing the Member's concerns.

This proven method is highly effective and every Member who participates benefits from the discussion, whether or not your business case was selected as the one to examine.

All Members in the Essential and Unlimited Membership Plans are invited to join an Entrepreneur Accelerator Group. These consist of 5-7 Members who meet together as scheduled by the group. While we recommend weekly meetings, each group finds the cadence that works for them.

The groups form lasting relationships and provide support, encouragement, brainstorming capacity, and an unbiased perspective. There is no formal agenda, but most groups include an accountability component that asks each member what they'll accomplish between now and the next meeting. Having external accountability like this significantly decreases the time it takes to launch your business and achieve profitability!

Brio utilizes a private Discord server to host the Brio Community Chat. Each Member will be provided instructions to join the private community after subscribing. 

The Brio Community Chat includes rooms dedicated to discussing different aspects of business. Members can also have impromptu voice or video calls with other Members right inside the app!

Need help getting started? Watch our How to Join the Brio Community on Discord video tutorial.

We're happy you asked! We created a How to Join the Brio Community on Discord video tutorial to help our Brio Members get started.

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