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Membership & Subscription

Our Free Trial provides you complete access to the first three modules in every course. No credit card required! No strings attached!

We promise to help you produce incredible results as an entrepreneur. If you are not completely satisfied with your membership, simply contact us to cancel your subscription and receive a 100% refund of payments made for your first three month’s membership subscription. No jumping through hoops, no paperwork. 

Nope! Stay as long as Brio is useful for you. That gives us an incentive to provide the best experience and keep you coming back for more.

To cancel: go to Account, click on Subscriptions, and click the Cancel button.


Nope! Your monthly membership gives you access to every course. 

You have access to every course in our library for the duration of your active membership subscription.

It depends on a couple of factors: the number of course videos to watch and the variety of "Take Action" steps to complete. 

On average, most of our courses contain 10 modules, with each module including one 7-10 minute video. In addition, our Experts provide "Take Action" steps so that by the end of your course you have completed an important aspect of your business.

For entrepreneurs, adding new knowledge doesn't produce any results ... only taking guided action moves you forward. If you dedicate a little time each day, you can easily complete two courses every month!

The courses are designed to stand on their own, and there are no pre-requisites. Start with whichever area of your business is giving you the worst headache!

If you're just starting your business, we suggest starting with the Recommended Startup Courses.

We believe that knowledge is meaningless if it's not put to good use. Very simply, we get you in action building your business. In each video, our Brio Expert shows you what steps you need to take to build that aspect of your business. Then complete any Take Action steps provided with each video, and come back to the next video where we'll build on what you've started.

It's kind of like a Lego instruction book for entrepreneurs! By the end of each course, you will have completed an important aspect of your business!

We're happy you asked! Click into a course and click Start Course or Add to My Library.

All courses are listed on the All Our Courses. And the courses in your library are listed on your My Account page. There is no restriction on the number of courses you can have in your library!

Coaching, Consulting & Community

If you have questions about building or growing an area of your business, Brio Experts are available for coaching sessions. Our goal is to get you in action so you can produce the results you’re out to achieve with your business.

We make it easy to get started! Go to Coaching, select your Expert, purchase your coaching session, and then schedule yourself on their calendar.

Make the most of the time with your Expert by showing up prepared and organized with the materials they’ll need to maximize your time together.

Absolutely! Brio Members with an active subscription can contact any Expert through their profile page to explore a potential consulting arrangement.

From an Expert's profile page, scroll down to the "Get Consulting" button and complete the short form. The Expert will then contact you directly to discuss your business needs. 

Brio Members negotiate the terms of their arrangement individually with the Expert and payment is made directly to the Expert per the consulting agreement.

In one word, awesomeness!

Mastermind Roundtables are facilitated by a Brio Expert and organized around a specific business area. Brio Members are encouraged to bring their business challenges to the Roundtable discussion.

The Expert leading the discussion will select one or two Members to present their business case/issue to the group and the Expert will facilitate everyone's participation in addressing the Member's concerns.

This proven method is highly effective and every Member who attends will benefit from the discussion, whether or not their business case is presented to the group.

Entrepreneur Accelerator Groups consist of 5-7 Brio Members who meet together as scheduled by the group. While we recommend weekly meetings, each group will find the cadence that works for them.

The groups form lasting relationships and provide support, encouragement, brainstorming capacity, and an unbiased perspective. There is no formal agenda but most groups include an accountability component that asks each member what they'll accomplish between now and the next meeting. Having external accountability like this significantly decreases the time it takes to get and stay in action - which has a direct effect on how quickly you get the results you’re looking for!

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