Legal, Insurance, & Compliance Courses

There's a good chance you're making business decisions right now that you'll regret later.

The legal and insurance systems are stacked against entrepreneurs, but it isn’t enough to hire someone else to handle legal, compliance, and insurance issues. 

No matter how good the professionals you hire are, they can’t possibly know everything about your business. It’s critical for you to know enough to identify problem areas before you get blindsided by them. Our courses help you navigate these intimidating subjects so you can implement easy changes to limit liability.

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Legal, Insurance, and Compliance Courses

Thrive with the Right Entity Type

Did you know that choosing the wrong entity type for your business has BIG consequences?

Utilizing the right structures maximizes profitability, minimizes risk, impacts how much you can pay yourself, and allows for unrestricted growth.

The Business Structure & Entity Formation course makes it easy for you to choose the best structures and entity!

(Business Structure & Entity Formation course: 8 videos, 1 hr 40 mins)

Covering Your "Assets"

Did you know that an LLC or Corporation isn't enough to protect you from personal liability?

Most entrepreneurs unknowingly put their business at risk by overlooking important details.

The How to Protect Your Business course helps you identify and change the daily activities that are making you vulnerable!

(How to Protect Your Business course: 8 videos, 1 hr 18 mins)

Winning the Tax Game

Are you ready to learn how to reduce taxes and avoid penalties?

Understand the rulebook so you can take advantage of every opportunity to legally reduce your tax bill.

The Taxes and Maximizing Write-Offs course helps you keep more of your hard-earned money!

(Taxes and Maximizing Write-Offs course: 9 videos, 1 hr 7 mins)

Coverage You Can Count On

Do you wonder if your insurance agent is really on your side?

You don’t want to discover gaps in your insurance policy after “stuff” has hit the fan. Instead, be sure you’re fully covered without overpaying.

The Business Insurance course empowers you to choose the right insurance for your business!

(Business Insurance course: 7 videos, 1 hr 4 mins)

Call the Doctor, You're Covered

Are you worried you can't afford to provide medical benefits?

This course demystifies the world of medical insurance and enables you to attract and retain great employees.

The Medical Insurance for Business course helps you get the best bang for your (medical insurance) buck!

(Medical Insurance for Business course: 8 videos, 38 mins)

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