Winning the Tax Game


Taxes and Maximizing Write-Offs

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When you’re working for someone else, filing a tax return is straight forward.

When you’re running your own business, filing deadlines multiply as a result of new responsibilities to your state, county, contractors, partnerships, etc.

Fortunately, the opportunities to write off expenses also increases. Even if you outsource your taxes (or plan to), understanding the way write-offs work and which ones apply to you is critical because no one knows your business better.

This course explains the rules of the tax game so you can win at lowering your taxes (legally) and avoid fines and penalties with a streamlined tax plan.

Jayson Faustin

Course Length:
9 Videos (1 hour 7 mins total)

Accounting & Finance
Legal, Insurance & Compliance

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Meet the Brio Expert

Jayson Faustin

Qupid Tax & Accounting

Jayson Faustin always dreamed of being in a position to help others and give back. Decades later, Jayson fulfills that dream through his work as an expert tax accountant. His team specializes in supporting small business owners to build wealth and generational legacies.

Jayson & his team at Qupid Tax and Accounting are absolutely incredible. They take the time to explain in detail what they are doing, and why it needs to be done. They are also very good with finding new ways to save me money on my taxes.

About this Course

Most business owners are astonished to find out just how many different types of taxes apply to their business. Even more numerous than types of taxes are the opportunities to write-off expenses, thereby lowering your taxable business income. 

Transitioning from being an employee of a company to being the owner can be an eye-opening experience, and it requires a quick and keen awareness of this vast new world. 

In this course, you will create a checklist of the taxes that apply to you and develop a plan for administering them correctly and on time. You’ll also understand the way they work … which is important so that you can lower your taxes.

You’ll also create a plan for your tax preparation that will eliminate the stress of your end-of-year tax bill!

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This Course Includes


9 Modules:

1. Introduction
(4:31 mins)
2. Payroll Taxes
(11:12 mins)
3. Unemployment "Insurance"
(4:16 mins)
4. Sales & Use Tax
(8:38 mins)
5. Property Tax
(4:48 mins)
6. Income Tax
(6:29 mins)
7. What Can I Expense? (Part 1)
(11:05 mins)
8. What Can I Expense? (Part 2)
(10:17 mins)
9. Getting Good Advice
(6:39 mins)

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