How to Protect Your Business

Many business owners think that setting up their LLC or corporation provides the legal protection they need to keep their personal assets safe from business activities. While that is a necessary and important step, it is not at all sufficient for protecting your business or your personal wealth – including your home or 401k. How you operate the day to day activities of your business has a significant impact on your ability to avoid the dreaded “piercing the corporate veil.” And, in our experience, many small business owners unknowingly make fatal mistakes that leave their company and personal assets exposed and vulnerable.

In this course, you will create the internal structures that are necessary to uphold and strengthen the protections you initiated by forming the legal entity of your business. You will discover and prevent the common pitfalls that even well intended entrepreneurs regularly make in the handling of their business finances and operations. And you’ll create a plan that everyone on your team can follow to ensure that the fruits of your labor aren’t in jeopardy, even in the midst of the most challenging of customers, vendors, employees or situations.

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