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Nobody likes the experience of feeling like they overpaid for something. Especially something they didn’t even need.

While insurance is supposed to provide you peace of mind, business owners are often frustrated that they’re being sold on unnecessary and confusing packages. What’s worse is that those packages can still leave gaps that lead to unpaid claims.

This course demystifies the world of business insurance so you’ll be confident that you have the insurance that will truly protect you from the risks you face in your specific business … while also lowering your bill!

Ralph Pasquariello

Course Length:
7 Videos (1 hour, 4 mins total)

Legal, Insurance & Compliance

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Meet the Brio Expert

Ralph Pasquariello

Director of Business Development
Snellings Walters

Ralph Pasquariello’s industry leading expertise in business and insurance allow him to fulfill his passion for helping business owners achieve their dreams while making sure their assets stay protected.

“After my company suffered a ransomware attack, my agent, Ralph Pasquariello, personally stepped in to make sure the Insurance carriers, forensic experts and lawyers were taking good care of me during this stressful time.

About this Course

Many business owners are frustrated with the process and cost of buying insurance for their business. They often complain that they feel like they’re being oversold on unnecessary and confusing packages by advisors they don’t really trust to “protect” them from events that are unlikely to occur … at least in their business.

To make matters worse, the business owner doesn’t really know how good or bad their policy is until they have to make a claim … and by then, it’s too late.

In this course, you’ll identify the various risks your business faces as well as the opportunities you have to mitigate those risks. We will demystify the world of insurance so that you can ask the right questions to make certain that you end up with insurance that meets your needs and truly protects you from the risks you face.

You’ll learn how to identify and avoid common gaps in policies that lead to unpaid claims. And you’ll implement measures that will lower your cost of insurance without reducing your coverage. 

Most importantly, you’ll discover how to seek out and spot a broker who has your best interest at heart. 

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This Course Includes


7 Modules:

1. Introduction
(3:42 mins)
2. The Standard Package
(10:49 mins)
3. Workers' Compensation
(8:35 mins)
4. Errors & Omissions
(9:29 mins)
5. Cyber Policy
(12:25 mins)
6. Employment Practices Liability Insurance
(8:56 mins)
7. How to Buy Insurance
(10:27 mins)

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