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You can only get so far on your own, and at some point in your entrepreneur journey you’ll need to grow your team.

What if employee horror stories could be avoided?

No matter the size of your business, this course was created to provide you a solid foundation of HR essentials that will keep you out of hot water and give you peace of mind.

Robelyn McNair

Course Length:
10 Videos (1 hour 17 mins total)

Human Resources

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Meet the Brio Expert

Robelyn McNair

BRS Advisory Services

Robelyn McNair combines decades of executive HR leadership experience with a commitment to empower small and medium businesses to attract, develop, and retain talent. She believes that people are the key ingredient in making a business successful and is passionate about building HR teams that are well-oiled and efficient.

Robelyn is a top-notch HR professional. In addition to being likable with a proactive, "can-solve" attitude, I have found Robelyn to be engaged and knowledgeable about developments in employment law that impact her company, which is certainly a value add.

About this Course

As a business owner, one of the most important elements of your leadership is the creation of the team that builds the business and implements your dream and vision. Whether your team is small or large, having a well-defined strategy to attract, manage, develop, and retain your people is critical to your success.

In this course, you will design an organizational framework. You will start by specifying the positions in your company and how they will work together to produce results that thrill your customers. 

You will produce job descriptions that attract the right kind of applicants, so you find high quality candidates who really want to work with you.

You will create a workforce plan, policies, and pay practices that comply with the requirements that often catch entrepreneurs unaware and off guard. 

And you will streamline your HR functions so that you can maintain your focus on why you started this business in the first place.

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This Course Includes


10 Modules:

1. Introduction
(2:55 mins)
2. Creating Your Organizational Framework
(6:34 mins)
3. Policies and Procedures
(7:24 mins)
4. Attracting Talent
(10:00 mins)
5. Onboarding
(6:10 mins)
6. Pay Practices
(9:36 mins)
7. Retaining Talent
(8:42 mins)
8. Compliance
(11:38 mins)
9. How Do You Streamline?
(6:17 mins)
10. Finding an Advisor
(8:12 mins)

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