Talent Acquisition

As a business owner, one of your largest expenses will be the salaries and benefits of the people you hire. Whether your company is large or small, your celebrations and frustrations will be heavily influenced (if not determined) by the talent you acquire. And making the wrong hire can be a costly mistake. On the other hand, making the right hire can catapult your company forward exponentially. Our experience shows that the horror stories can be avoided if you learn both the art and science of acquiring the right talent.

In this course you will create the framework, resources, and structures that support your hiring process. You’ll write a job description that speaks directly to your ideal candidate in a way that makes them think, “Wow, I’d love to work for them!” while at the same time lacking appeal for non-ideal candidates, saving you countless hours from interviewing candidates that aren’t right for your company. You will create an entire suite of hiring materials that are not only compliant but also demonstrate you are truly one of the best employers in the community. Finally, you’ll design an interview process that enables you to hear the subtle clues most employers miss and which are key to identifying which candidates will make a truly exceptional, productive, and long-tenured employee.

Course Instructor