The Entrepreneur’s Roadmap

If you’re not sure which Brio course to start with, you’ve found it! While we don’t have prerequisites or a required sequence of courses, the Entrepreneur’s Roadmap is truly the perfect place to start. In this course, you will answer questions for yourself that will avoid the famous, “I wish I would have known” syndrome that business owners frequently lament. You will also discover the nine phases that every new business travels through, and it is incredibly comforting to know that you are not alone when you are experiencing the entrepreneur blues. 

In addition to answering some of the most critical questions about your business for yourself, you’ll also gain the perspective of years of practice wisdom of from seasoned entrepreneurs – specifically highlighting the pitfalls and traps that await you on your journey. Hint: mostly all that is required to avoid them is being aware of them. When you complete this course, you will have a newfound and unparalleled clarity about your business and your business idea, and you’ll be able to stand with confidence in your decision to pursue one of the most exciting journeys of a lifetime.

Course Instructor