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Franchise Ownership

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Not everyone who dreams of entrepreneurship wants to create a business from scratch. Franchise ownership allows you to get started faster by using an existing and successful business model.

While easier to get started, taking on a franchise business isn’t for everyone. This course helps you navigate the possibility and opportunity of franchises so you can decide if it’s for you.

For those who already know the answer is yes, this course shines the light on the process of selecting, opening, funding, and operating a franchise business – as well as the pitfalls that await new franchise owners.

Steve Miller

Course Length:
7 Videos (1 hour 11 mins total)

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Meet the Brio Expert

Steve Miller

Advisory & Coach
Stephen Miller & Assoc.

Self-employed for almost 30 years, Steve Miller has owned multiple businesses and franchises. Finding success and joy in those ventures, Steve now coaches and advises others who are ready to control their career destiny through self-employment and possibly franchise ownership.

Steve was an immense help in our search for a franchise. He helped us add a level of structure and order in our search that I don’t think we could have done ourselves.

About this Course

Many entrepreneurs know that they want to go into business for themselves but aren’t sure which business is right for them. They love the idea of business ownership and are looking for a pathway that makes it easy to get started. The turnkey solution of a franchise operation provides exactly such an opportunity. 

While some of the franchise businesses are well known, there are thousands of franchisors in almost every business domain. The choices are far more varied than one might think.

If you’re considering opening a franchise business or have already begun the process, this course is for you! You’ll discover the process of selecting, opening, funding, and operating a franchise business. 

You’ll also gain insight into the many pitfalls that await new franchise owners. And you’ll acquire valuable information about sources of start-up capital and legal considerations specific to the franchise world.

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This Course Includes


7 Modules:

1. Introduction
(3:37 mins)
2. Concept & Characteristics of Franchising
(12:34 mins)
3. Select the Right Business or Franchise
(13:36 mins)
4. The Franchise Sales Process
(12:51 mins)
5. Funding Options
(11:15 mins)
6. Operation of a Franchise
(10:28 mins)
7. Creating What's Next
(7:12 mins)

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