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Establishing a Successful Non-Profit

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Have you always dreamed of giving back through your business and/or wondered whether your business idea could be turned into a non-profit?

Whether you answered yes to the above questions or are already in the process of establishing a non-profit, this course is critical for bringing your vision to life.

The biggest philanthropic impacts are not done single-handedly, so this course walks you through how to inspire, empower, and engage others to magnify your influence and impact so the biggest difference can be made.

By the time you complete this course, you will have created a Board of Directors, crafted a strategic plan, and identified sources of funding.

Andrea Routh

Course Length:
10 Videos (1 hour 50 mins total)

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Meet the Brio Expert

Andrea Routh

The Leading Impact, LLC

Andrea Routh has a unique background of public and non-profit industry knowledge, including 30 years as an attorney. Andrea leverages her experience and passion to support non-profits through her work as an Executive Director, coach, and advisor.

I didn’t think I had the skills to be an Executive Director, but I had tons of passion. After a year with Andrea as my coach and mentor I fully own the role, have gained capacities way beyond what I knew I could, and am bringing in critical resources to our nonprofit.

Not only has she introduced me to governance, strategic planning and financial oversight best practices, she is skilled at transforming my negative thoughts and energy into grounded power and confidence. I will forever hold her as a cherished mentor and friend.

About this Course

Whether you’re wondering if you should pursue not-for-profit status for your idea or are already well on your way with establishing your non-profit, this course is critical for being successful in bringing your vision to life. 

Ultimately, your effectiveness in creating your non-profit and making a difference to the cause you’re out to impact will be a function of your ability to partner with and engage the right people. In a non-profit, you most certainly cannot do it alone!

In this course, you will create a powerful Board of Directors and leverage their expertise and passion to propel the growth of your organization and magnify the influence you will have on your target community. 

You will also create a strategic plan that motivates action, develop a communication plan that inspires participation, and develop sources of funding that will make your vision possible. 

We believe the work and contribution of non-profits is vital in our communities, and it is important to all of us at Brio that you succeed in making the difference you are destined to make!

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This Course Includes


10 Modules:

1. Introduction
(7:07 mins)
2. Is Your Idea Appropriate for a Non-Profit?
(11:00 mins)
3. Who is With You?
(11:22 mins)
4. Forms & Filing
(10:47 mins)
5. Strategic Planning
(10:45 mins)
6. Funding & Resource Development
(16:31 mins)
7. Marketing & Communications
(10:26 mins)
8. Board Development & Communications
(10:50 mins)
9. Operations, Systems & Insurance
(13:16 mins)
10. Preparing to File! What is Next?
(8:11 mins)

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