Establishing a Successful Non-Profit

Whether you’re wondering if you should pursue not-for-profit status for your idea or are already well on your way with establishing your non-profit, this course is critical for being successful in bringing your vision to life. Ultimately, your effectiveness in creating your non-profit and impacting the cause you’re out to impact will be a function of your ability to partner with and engage the right people. In a non-profit, you most certainly can’t do it alone!

In this course you will create a powerful Board of Directors and leverage their expertise and passion to propel the growth of your organization and magnify the influence you will have on your target community. You will create a strategic plan that motivates action; you will develop a communication plan that inspires participation; and you will identify and develop sources of funding that will make your vision possible. 

We believe the work and contribution of non-profits is vital in our communities, and it is important to all of us at Brio that you succeed in making the difference you are destined to make!

Course Instructor