Building Your Website

Let’s start with what this course is not about: this course will not teach you to build a website! As a business owner, your time is far too valuable to learn a complex skill that you’ll use only once. So don’t worry – this isn’t going to be overwhelming or highly technical. This course is created with YOU in mind!

So then, what is the course about? The “Building Your Website” course is designed to empower business owners to engage a web developer to build a website that is both highly effective in accomplishing the business goals and an efficient use of your time and money.

You will create a strategy for your website – based on sound principles of what works for effectively converting interested leads to paying customers, not just what’s pretty on the screen. You will have a written plan that you can take to a web developer that will jumpstart and streamline (read between the lines “cost you less money to implement”) the process. You will be comfortable and confident with the lingo and concepts you need to be able to manage the process so that you achieve your desired outcome. And you’ll be able to evaluate potential developers so you don’t feel like you’re blindly trusting someone and hoping it’s going to all work out in the end. Finally, you’ll design a site where the performance can be measured – giving you important data to run your business and further develop your marketing efforts.

Course Instructor