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Designing Your Sales Process

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It’s okay if you don’t love to sell. It makes sense if you don’t.

Most of us start businesses because we’re excited about the difference our product or service will make … not about the prospect of selling it.

The good news is that this course will have you develop a sales process that will never leave your customers feeling like they’ve had the “hard sell”, even when you’re overcoming their objections.

Instead, they will be thrilled to do business with you and share about the experience with others!

Eric Tepper

Course Length:
12 Videos (1 hour 57 mins total)

Marketing, Sales & Business Development

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Meet the Brio Expert

Eric Tepper

Sales Architect

For over 30 years, Eric Tepper has been a passionate sales leader. His goal is that everyone wins – whether that’s his clients seeing their sales improve, their teams being newly inspired to sell, or their customers turning into lifelong fans of the brand.

Eric Tepper’s years and depth of experience are unmatched in the industry. When it comes to leading and inspiring sales teams, impacting the bottom line, and delivering consistent results – Eric is an invaluable asset for any organization.

Having Eric’s support is not a luxury, but a critical contribution to a company’s future.

About this Course

Whether you love to sell or make just enough sales to get to the “fun” part of delivering your product or service to your customer, one thing is for certain: creating a process for selling makes your efforts far more effective … and a lot easier too! 

The methodology presented in this course is applicable for any size sales organization, from solopreneur to a large team dedicated 100% to sales and business development. The methodology also applies across industries – so it will have a remarkable impact in your business.

In this course, you will develop a sales process that leaves your customers thrilled and overjoyed to be working with you and/or your team – never feeling like they’ve had the “hard sell,” but rather that it is a natural choice to engage you and your offering. 

You will create a pricing structure that makes it easy to do business with you … and is profitable! You’ll become skilled at overcoming objections so that deals don’t stall out when buyers have concerns (because let’s face it … most buyers have some concerns). 

In fact, you won’t just have people who are buying your product or service, you’ll have people who are falling in love with your business and happy to share with their friends and colleagues the difference you made for them … leading to repeat sales, referral business, increased revenue and loyalty, and ultimately a highly profitable business.

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This Course Includes


12 Modules:

1. Introduction
(5:51 mins)
2. Start with Why
(7:50 mins)
3. Pricing Strategy
(12:55 mins)
4. Creating Your Sales Process
(9:04 mins)
5. Greeting & Breaking the Ice
(7:35 mins)
6. Needs & Wants of Your Customer
(9:53 mins)
7. Asking for the Sale
(10:48 mins)
8. Shrinking Concerns
(14:05 mins)
9. Always Reward Referrals
(8:09 mins)
10. KPIs & Rewarding Performance
(11:47 mins)
11. Pipeline Management
(10:27 mins)
12. Developing Sales Leadership
(8:42 mins)

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