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Intellectual Property
(Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents & Trade Secrets)

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Starting a business has a steep learning curve. Countless hours are spent researching, designing, creating, planning, completing paperwork, and opening accounts. You invest money in a logo, brand identity, signing a lease, and establishing a website.

But did you ever confirm that you have the legal right to use your name?

Did you know that without a trademark, you may not have the legal rights to your business name and could risk having to start all over? Whether you’ve been in business for years, or you’re in the planning stages, this course has been designed by an intellectual property attorney to help you protect your brand and everything you create in a cost-effective way.

Amber Gilormo
Krystal Lokkesmoe

Course Length:
10 Videos (1 hour 26 mins)

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Meet the Brio Experts

Amber Gilormo

Principal Attorney & Founder
The Boutique Lawyer

Amber Gilormo combines extensive experience in trademark and business law with a history of serial entrepreneurship, which results in a “been there, done that” perspective that saves her clients a lot of time and money.

Krystal Lokkesmoe

Director of Operations
The Boutique Lawyer

Krystal Lokkesmoe brings a passion for small business to The Boutique Lawyer and its clients, as well as her personal experience as an entrepreneur. She encourages other entrepreneurs to plan proactively rather than respond reactively.

Amber has been immensely helpful with all my business law needs. Her contracts have more attention to detail than I've received from any other attorney, but more than that, she truly cares. I would recommend Amber and her team without a shadow of a doubt!

About this Course

In an informational age, intellectual property has inherent value – but only if you take the steps necessary to protect it.

It takes considerable effort to build your brand, your materials, your processes, your inventions, and your “secret sauce” – so why would you let others use what you created without your permission? Or even worse, steal it from you and claim ownership?!
In this course, you will discover each of the four types of intellectual property your business can and may already own: trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets. You’ll learn which ones apply to your specific business, which ones you can manage on your own, and which ones require more experienced legal guidance.

In addition to learning how to safeguard your own assets, you’ll also learn how to make sure you don’t infringe on other business’s protected assets (thereby avoiding preventable lawsuits against you)!

Ultimately, this course will help you save money and grow the value of your business.

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This Course Includes


8 Modules:

1. Introduction
(2:23 mins)
2. Trademarks
(7:40 mins)
3. Registering a Trademark
(16:02 mins)
4. Trademark Infringement & Fair Use
(8:21 mins)
5. Copyrights
(6:50 mins)
6. How to Get a Copyright
(10:58 mins)
7. Copyright Infringement & Fair Use
(12:09 mins)
8. Patents
(9:39 mins)
9. Trade Secrets
(6:42 mins)
10. How to Find the Right IP Attorney
(6:08 mins)

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We believe that Brio is that best place and we are so certain of the results we produce, that we offer you a risk-free start with our Total Confidence Guarantee:

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