Managing Projects Effectively

Launching a new business is the quintessential project, which thankfully can easily be broken down into a series of smaller projects. So if there is one skill that is critical to your success in launching your new business, it’s being able to manage projects effectively. Most new businesses launch late and require more investment than the entrepreneur planned. The better you are at managing projects, the more likely you are to launch on time and on budget.

In this course, you will choose one aspect of the development of your new business and create a project that will be your vehicle for practicing the skills of project management. The course will guide you through every aspect of fulfilling on your project, from design through planning, budgeting, executing, and measuring the results. Having practiced the entire process of managing a project once, you’ll be able to apply these powerful tools in every area of your new business, and you will enjoy a newfound effectiveness and velocity in bringing your new business to life.

Course Instructor