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Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Do you love social media or do you avoid it at all costs?

Regardless of the answer, there is no denying that social media has a large influence and impact on your potential customers and their buying choices.

So, whether you’re an avid social media user, or not, this course will teach you how to bring strategy to your business accounts.

Does that sound intimidating? We get it. That’s why this course is designed to be simple but effective. You’ll walk away confident in how to turn your social media into sales and be prepared to outsource the work if you choose.

Josie Slaughter

Course Length:
9 Videos (1 hour 12 mins total)

Marketing, Sales & Business Development

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Meet the Brio Expert

Josie Slaughter

J. Slaughter Marketing

Josie Slaughter brings creativity, excitement, and problem-solving to the ever-changing, complex world of social media marketing. She specializes in helping small businesses tell their story and create powerful connections with their customers.

With Josie’s help we saw our engagement on our social media platforms increase 60%. She helped us create a cohesive, brand-appropriate strategy for all of our accounts. Our website and other marketing materials finally match and work with our social media presence!

About this Course

Whether you love social media and have an active account on all the major platforms, or you avoid it like the plague, there’s no denying the influence social media has on your consumers and their buying decisions.

Managing the social media presence of your business is very different than participating on the platforms as a user – so no matter how frequently you use twitter, Facebook or Instagram now, you’ll benefit immensely from thinking and acting strategically around social media for your business.

In this course, you’ll discover the platforms that are right for your business. You’ll then create a strategy guide for your business’s presence on the platforms you identify. You’ll create original content and then analyze the effectiveness of your content and strategy. 

Even if you ultimately plan to contract this work out to a vendor, you’ll be better prepared to engage your outsourced social media manager in the kinds of planning sessions that will significantly increase the impact of your investment.

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This Course Includes


9 Modules:

1. Introduction
(3:04 mins)
2. How it Works
(9:59 mins)
3. Picking a Platform
(5:57 mins)
4. Creating a Strategy Guide
(8:44 mins)
5. Content
(7:44 mins)
6. Dos and Don'ts
(13:36 mins)
7. Analyzing Effectiveness
(8:28 mins)
8. Your Role in Social Media
(9:16 mins)
9. Hire a Social Media Manager
(5:21 mins)

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We promise to deliver exactly what you need, and we take away all the risk with our Total Confidence Guarantee:

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