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Jason Aufdermaur

Wyatt Aufdermaur

With 25 years of proven experience creating a successful legal practice of Business Structure, Strategy and Consulting, Jason shows you how to leverage the right structures at the right time to ensure you are covering your risk and maximizing your profitability.

As a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs and business people, Jason has deep experience in early-stage capital raises – from seed to Series B/C – along with designing, creating and implementing the legal infrastructure necessary to support not only successful capitalization, but successful business growth.

To reach out to Jason to discuss how he can help you implement the right legal infrastructure for your strategy, click below.

Courses With This Instructor

Thrive with the Right Entity Type

Did you know that choosing the wrong entity type for your business has BIG consequences?

Utilizing the right structures maximizes profitability, minimize risk, impacts how much you can pay yourself, and allows for unrestricted growth.

The Business Structure & Entity Formation

(Business Structure & Entity Formation course: 8 videos, 1 hr 40 mins)

Do you want to achieve faster, easier, and more impactful results?

Connect with Jason for help with:

DIY with expert guidance.

Jason Aufdermaur

Please do it for me!

Coaching vs. Consulting

Coaching is for you when:

  • You need to get over a hurdle
  • You have specific questions
  • You have a limited budget
  • You want a second set of eyes to check your work

Consulting is for you when:

  • You don't have the time
  • You don't have the capacity
  • You don't have the know-how
  • Or you don't have the interest to do it yourself
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