Warren Buffet: 4 Tips for Success

Inc. Magazine recently published the article “4 Things Warren Buffet Says You Must Do To Become Super Successful In Life,” and I think they’re worth noting for entrepreneurs!

  1. Say no to almost everything
  2. Face down your fears
  3. Play the long game
  4. Surround yourself with people more successful than you

I think three of his four tips are spot on and can be applied to entrepreneurs and business owners without modification. And, while it may be a bit presumptuous of me to question Mr. Buffet, I wonder if he’s being a bit dramatic with his first lesson, “Say no to almost everything.

While I agree we should only say yes to that which furthers our mission in life, I’m not sure that equates to saying “no” to almost everything. Maybe for him it does since he’s likely faced with a million more requests than the average Joe. For the rest of us though, perhaps it’d be OK to modify his first bit of advice to, Be willing to say no often to anything that doesn’t align with your mission in life.

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