You really didn’t just pop the question, did you?

Have you ever heard this story turn out well…?

Cameron walks into a bar.
Quinn walks into the bar.
Cameron says to Quinn, “Do you want to get married?”

Of course not! And yet, when it comes to marketing (especially for online offerings), businesses make their move too fast all the time!

In the online world, the question “Do you want to get married?” is equal to a button that says “Buy now” or “Subscribe for $99 per month”.

Start paying attention to the websites you visit and you’ll notice just how widespread this mistake is. In fact, Brio did exactly this on our website! 

Yes, right now at Brio we’re currently working on “dating” our prospects before we “pop the question!” And while we haven’t implemented our new strategies just yet, we’re excited about all the ways we have to connect with our prospective members before we invite them to sign up. Unfortunately the transition doesn’t happen overnight.

The trick is to offer both the opportunity to sign up and ways to “date” and get to know you better. After all, this may be your prospect’s magical 7th visit to your site when they’re finally ready to say yes…and when that moment comes, you don’t want to make it hard for them to engage with you (pun intended).

Here are some online “dating” options that your business could offer:

  • Participate in a live webinar
  • Book a free 15 minute exploratory call
  • Download an e-book or whitepaper
  • Interact with you on social media
  • Chat with you online (and not a bot!)
  • View a product demo
  • Free trial
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