Meet Amber Gilormo

Amber Gilormo-The Boutique Lawyer-Mecca Gamble Photography 2022

Amber Gilormo

Principal Attorney & Founder
The Boutique Lawyer

As a practicing business & trademark attorney, serial entrepreneur, and mom of four, Amber Gilormo knows all the worries that come with owning your own business: protecting your home, savings, and most importantly: your family.  She has also made mistakes along the way and hired (really) expensive lawyers despite being one herself.  Amber created The Boutique Lawyer to share what she has learned through the practice of law and her experience in owning multiple businesses.  Her mission is to make protecting your business so affordable, you can’t afford not to do it.

When she’s not creating new digital products or managing the day-to-day of her two law firms, she’s usually juggling life between school and sports, client calls, and late-night work sessions—all while trying to squeeze in self-care. If you can’t find her, check the neighborhood playground first; she’s probably there with her four kids and husband.

Courses With This Instructor

Securing Your Most Important Property

Did you know that every business needs trademark protection?

If you didn’t get trademark protection, you could be putting your entire brand at risk. On the other hand, business owners who understand trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets make more money.

The Intellectual Property course helps you identify and protect your most valuable assets!

(Intellectual Property course: 10 videos, 1 hr 26 mins)

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