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Jayson Faustin

Qupid Tax & Accounting

Jayson is an Expert Tax Accountant and Founder and CEO at Qupid Tax & Accounting. He helps his clients save $20k to $60k in taxes per year, grow their business, and increase profit by up to 30% within the first 90 days.

Connect with Jayson if you need help managing any aspect of your business finances or taxes.

To reach out to Jayson to discuss how he can help you drive more money to the bottom line, click below.

Courses With This Instructor

Winning the Tax Game

Are you ready to learn how to reduce taxes and avoid penalties?

Understand the rulebook so you can take advantage of every opportunity to legally reduce your tax bill.

The Taxes and Maximizing Write-Offs course helps you keep more of your hard-earned money!

(Taxes and Maximizing Write-Offs course: 9 videos, 1 hr 7 mins)

Do you want to achieve faster, easier, and more impactful results?

Connect with Jayson for help with:

DIY with expert guidance.

Jayson Faustin

Please do it for me!

Coaching vs. Consulting

Coaching is for you when:

  • You need to get over a hurdle
  • You have specific questions
  • You have a limited budget
  • You want a second set of eyes to check your work

Consulting is for you when:

  • You don't have the time
  • You don't have the capacity
  • You don't have the know-how
  • Or you don't have the interest to do it yourself
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