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Laurie Genevish

The Performance Difference

Laurie Genevish is the president and creative force behind The Performance Difference, LLC, a firm that helps companies like The Home Depot and Chick-fil-A reduce employee turnover and improve time to productivity. 

She created a training certification and performance improvement program that was so successful it was implemented in every Kinko’s location nationwide. Laurie has led training and development efforts for such companies as Transamerica and Manhattan Associates.

Connect with Laurie for help identifying critical roles, analyzing hiring and skill gaps; determining performance success factors, and creating plans for both individual and team development.

To reach out to Laurie to discuss how she can help your team achieve maximum performance, click below.

Courses With This Instructor

Setting Up People to Win

Did you know the first 90 days is the most crucial time for an employee?

You may think that once a new hire says “yes” to your offer, the deal is done. Actually, they’re still sizing you up during their first three months.

The Onboarding New Employees course gives you an onboarding process that creates productive and loyal employees!

(Onboarding New Employees course: 9 videos, 53 mins)

Do you want to achieve faster, easier, and more impactful results?

Connect with Laurie for help with:

DIY with expert guidance.

Laurie Genevish

Please do it for me!

Coaching vs. Consulting

Coaching is for you when:

  • You need to get over a hurdle
  • You have specific questions
  • You have a limited budget
  • You want a second set of eyes to check your work

Consulting is for you when:

  • You don't have the time
  • You don't have the capacity
  • You don't have the know-how
  • Or you don't have the interest to do it yourself
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